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I guess since I'm not quite so hesitant to Just Write Stuff here, maybe I can actually keep track of projects and stuff here. I tried on my site blog but felt like it was spamming really.

At the moment there's really three things on my plate but my time's been short lately because I'm doing some side work to get some things moved around in the house I live in.

First is the writing project. I finally have a fire under my arse about getting moving on that. I'd spent about 3 months researching how to host the dang thing because I didn't really enjoy the idea of using a blog for it because blog engines don't really sort prose (especially serial, chronological prose) in a way that makes it easy to read. I think the solution I came to is a crosspost to Dreamwidth and a engine I wrote from scratch on my site. I could even script it to post to both with one shell script and text file, if I wanted to be that dorky :)

Second is I accidentally became a Rockin' Kats speedrunner, but not a good one. I need to become a good one. It's kind of shocking that in my PB I landed all the tricks and still got a 25:30 VS the 19:15 that is the world record. Six minutes of movement slop to fix. To be fair, the 25 was my 3rd finished run ever, so it's not like it's unexpected.

Finally third is I have yet another marathon on the horizon and will need to derust Shining Soul II and Rolan's Curse II for it. I'm just glad I get to show them off in a marathon because they're neat games and the community for both is basically me and one other person.

So you know, a ton of things and I'll probably finish one of them, as I do. :)