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I did a semi-regular poking at Google/DDG/etc today and came across a few amusing rebuttals to the rambling on Mastodon I did a few days ago. They weren't here (except mmm's, which I need to find time to make a coherent reply to... hmm), they were subtweets (or whatever the hell you call it) in the fediverse, with some amusing hot takes like "They lose some of their credibility when they don't have a contact in the fediverse available" (I do, it's linked in my profile, find it) and "They're trying to guilt trip the GS devs into implementing Mastodon's privacy scheme" (I'm not, I actually disagree with Mastodon's privacy scheme). There was also the ever-fun "Software development is no place for emotional appeals like this" (???).

PS: If any of you see this, I'm not male. Thanks.

I think people misunderstood that me enumerating my personal experiences and reasons for moving to Mastodon constituted some kind of call to action or personal onus. This is, after all, a personal journal that people just happen to be able to read. I've always conducted it as such, even when I was back on Livejournal.

In any case, like I said in the article, my reasons for moving to Mastodon were purely because I could not federate with instances that had my friends on them, and when I could I was seeing their private posts and that made me uncomfortable. I actually really miss Quitter's simpler interface :/

That all out of the way, stream stuff I have coming down the pipe... I'm running in Handheld Heroes on Friday. I feel ready for my Rolan's Curse II run, but Dicing Knight is RNG incarnate and the game itself could just decide I will not finish my run. I'm trying to make peace with the fact that I may have my first ever mercy-kill in a speedrunning marathon, but really I'm also practicing backup strats as hard as I can. Nervous, just the same.

After that, I'm going to start a personal streaming project, to break up the monotony of speedruns and such. After all my Four Job Fiesta runs, of which I did four this year, I've had an itch to go back and play other Final Fantasy titles I have in the past, and visit ones I never finished. When I made a list of what I wanted to stream, it basically included every pre-Playstation title, with the exception of 2. So I decided to just stream all of them: 1-6, Mystic Quest, and why not throw in the extended IV gaidens and Tactics.

That's going to be a long project but I don't have to stick to it every stream. I can weave speedrun streams and other stuff between chipping away at it. Besides, it gives me an excuse to code yet another weird stream overlay widget: a custom timer for it. I mean, I won't really need a speedrun timer, but I do want to track how long the journey takes.